Buy scarves and support breast cancer research

Most breast cancer chemo patients lose their hair. Kim is not the exception. She’s done well in accessorizing her head with hats, wigs, halos (a ring of hair that would show under a hat or scarf), and other forms of head covering. They are so great I’ve lobbied for her to keep wearing some of them after her own hair returns.

But let me point those of you who wear scarves to one particular company: Good Wishes, which provides a free silken (very soft!) head wrap for any breast cancer patient. Kim’s came in the mail today and is absolutely

gorgeous. You can see lots of options on the site of “Its a wrap” scarves.

While they are not cheap, the company donates 20% of your purchase to the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation which funds research. This is Kim’s kind of cancer.


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2 responses to “Buy scarves and support breast cancer research

  1. Amy

    That is seriously cool. Thanks for posting about this. I’m praying for Kim, by the way.

  2. Thank you for the information on the head scarf. I will be putting the info on my blog and sharing this beautiful gift with the people in my “neck of the woods.”

    Blessings of hope and peace to Kim …

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