Winter personality test

Try on this question to determine your snow related personality:

Do you shovel once at the end of the storm or do you shovel multiple times to reduce the amount of snow you move at a given time?
This only works for those of us who still shovel…

I’m a multiple shovel kind of guy.


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2 responses to “Winter personality test

  1. Debbie Ferguson

    Doesn’t work if you live in the south. πŸ™‚ Never shoveled snow…ever. (Of course, I’ve never mowed a lawn either–first a dad and 3 brothers, then a husband and two sons.)
    Based on how I do other tasks(dishwashing, eg), I would probably fit in the multiple snow category–clean up as you go. Or the wait until it melts category.
    Can’t remember if I’ve left a comment here before . I found you through the CCEF podcast.

  2. Lou Buses

    I live in Texas. When it snows (one a year) we wait for the end of the day when it melts off. πŸ™‚

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