How fear works

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You know you have fears that make no sense–that you rarely share with another. They show up in your dreams (like being at work without your pants) and they cross your mind from time to time. Where do they start? I’m not sure but this story is one of mine. On a recent flight across the the Atlantic some woman had temporary psychosis and tried to call the president from the bathroom of the plane to tell him she had been hijacked. Apparently, she drank too much after taking a sleep aid.

See, I was told I should consider taking a sleep aid on my trip to Africa in June. I can’t sleep on planes. But I worried that I would end up doing something like this woman did or like the man who recently took off his clothes in order to be comfortable.

How does fear work? Your mind imagines the possible and turns it into the probable. No matter that thousands of people take sleep aids every day and do not do crazy stuff. Since it is possible, I assume it is likely for me. That is how fear works–the possible becomes probable.

By the way, do you think the doctor who helped this poor woman should have been compensated for his work for 4 hours?


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  1. Just wanted to mention that my brother MA goes to church with Michelle P . . . small world!

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