Rwanda Day 6

Today (Sunday) we attended the local Anglican church. Several hundred were in attendance. 5 white folk (us four plus a visiting Brit and head of a school in the area). We were introduced during the service and each asked to speak a word of greeting. We heard some good singing and some exuberant preaching from the Bishop on Phil. 1:4-6. We partook in Communion (dunking. I was told this was because of the scourge of AIDS). Afterwards, we were mobbed by kids. Leah got some good pictures that I hope to share with you soon. The afternoon was quite slow though we spent considerable time as a foursome with both good laughs and planning what we might do for our “next steps” in helping this country. Our team has done well together. All our waking time is with each other but no troubles thus far. Though, I must say it has been harder than I imagined not knowing what is going on with Kim and the boys. I’m ready to come home though we have two more days to go. We have not had email or phone contact since the first day or so.

As the daylight faded, we took a swim in the lake. Somehow, it seemed more risky swimming in this beautiful lake since it is an African lake.

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