Thank you Biblical Seminary!

On July 1 this blog celebrates its third anniversary! Over the years We’ve talked about lots of topics that concern folk—everything from abuse to pornography addiction to forgiveness.  I’ve enjoyed the chance to share my thoughts with you and you have been kind enough to respond.

For those of you who blog, you realize that it requires time and effort–more effort than I realized when I first started this! One of the blessings I’ve received is the encouragement to continue blogging by Biblical Seminary, where I am a faculty member and the director of the MA in counseling program. They give me the space to write what I think, without interference.  For that I am thankful.  I would like to return the favor and do something I’ve never done before—ask my readers to consider making a financial donation to the seminary. Many seminaries are tightly pressed during this recession and Biblical is no exception. There is no pressure—if you can help simply follow the link below. Thanks for considering a gift that supports what I do.

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