Identified by your betrayals?

This past Sunday one of our pastors, Erik Larsen, asked this question:

Are you too identified by your betrayals?

He was asking whether we form our identity around the script of being betrayed and use our experiences of being betrayed as shaping our sense of all of life. I think we could also consider whether we shape our identity around our betrayals of others?

What forms your sense of self and the world? A serious violation of your trust?A major failure? How might you begin to reconstruct your sense of self around the whole picture of who you are?


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3 responses to “Identified by your betrayals?

  1. Amy

    This is a great question and one that hits home for me. Definitely something to think about.

  2. Grace

    wow this a powerful way of thinking. I might have to rethink the way I think about myself.

  3. D. Stevenson

    Yeah. Wow. It does hit home. What I wonder though…, hmm…

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