Enjoying the warmth in frigid PA

On Friday I couldn’t help but erect my greenhouse. It snowed on Sunday night. 2 years ago I did the same and the snow crushed my poor greenhouse. This time, my pvc structure survived. And though it is not going to get above 25 today, I will enjoy a warm and sunny 70.

I may or may not grow anything in it this year, but it sure does a world of good for my mental health. For less than 100 dollars and the ability to tolerate something rather ugly in your back yard, you too can have the next best thing to a great therapist. (Shh, it’s even better because you don’t keep paying for it each time you use it!)


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3 responses to “Enjoying the warmth in frigid PA

  1. Carmella

    Hey Dr. Phil (haha am I allowed to tease you like that)

    I am wondering if you have any good recommendations on a psychological report writing resource. I know I am over-thinking this, but I am being asked to hand in a report on the day I interview for my *top* doctoral program. I think I would feel better consulting a recommended source, so that I felt I was giving in my best report. Because I respect your opinion, I would really appreciate any feedback or resources.

    Thanks so much, -Carmella

  2. My husband says that about gardening in general: “It’s cheaper than therapy” and just as effective. 🙂 Aaah – being in the Garden – despite the weeds.

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