New personality test for kids?

Personality testing for kids used to be based on parent report. Not a particularly valid method in my book. Yes, the PIC and the PIY (youth self report) provide good data, but they are long and highly influenced by adult models of personality.

So, here’s a cheap and quick personality test: your child’s tooth is loose. Does he (a) allow it to stay hanging by a thread for days, or, (b) work incessantly til he rips it out out even when the root is intact (consequently bleeding for an hour when he should have already been in bed?

I have both children. It is highly reliable. Now to just figure out what the test means.


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5 responses to “New personality test for kids?

  1. I have a b) child. Let me know what this means, please.

  2. karenestelle

    I don’t know what it means, but I can tell you it’s not biological since I have one of each and they are identical twins!

  3. karenestelle

    Okay – Psych 101 was a long time ago. I know the better term would have been genetic here. Didn’t want to appear totally ignorant. 🙂

  4. Karen, Knew what you meant :). Glad to have your wise comments here and insights from within the life of ministry stress.


  5. OPTION C – takes only few minutes (using not only thread but the door handle and chamomile tea too)
    I actually recall the time when I had my first tooth loose. I have put a thread around it, very tight, and took care to have the thread long enough to be able to put it around the door handle. I closed the door and move back suddenly and the tooth was immediately ripped of. As for bleeding, my grandmother stopped it with very concentrated chamomile tea (the tea was the part with which my grandmother took my knowledge to a level I could have not reached without her help – Vygotsky style)

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