Access to short christian counseling articles

I’ve noticed that the American Association of Christian Counselors has made many of their magazine (Christian Counseling Today) articles available for free on their website. You can search by author or keyword to find what you might be looking for.  

My 800 word essay on repentance after abuse can be found here. A longer and very helpful article by another psychologist on the 12 features of spiritual abuse can be found here.


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3 responses to “Access to short christian counseling articles

  1. Thanks for these links, Phil. I found both articles to be extremely insightful and helpful in my ministry.

  2. erunner

    Phil, I ran your article on true repentance on my blog. The topic is a very fragile one and you did a great job of dealing with it. Thank you for your work and for the link that contains yours and other articles. Allan

  3. Thank you for posting the magazine links, but also thank you for posting the links to your pieces. Absolutely relevant to all.

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