Follow-up on ‘evil’ post

I wrote the previous post during our staff meeting. After watching it, two more thoughts were shared in the group that I thought worth passing along.

1. Christian leaders (including counselors) may be tempted to see their evil thoughts and actions as small in comparison to that which they hear on a daily basis. The problem with this is that we are comparing ourselves to others and not to a Holy God.

2. It is interesting that two “Christian” nations (UK and US) are trying to defeat evil with power. Christ’s defeat of evil happens with the giving up of power. Where is that right spot between justice seeking and turning the other cheek/forgiving?


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2 responses to “Follow-up on ‘evil’ post

  1. Bryan Maier


    I agree with your thoughts on evil except I question point #2 above. Whether the US and the UK are Christain nations or not (whatever that even means), there does seem to be a biblical precedent for government power used to defeat or at least frighten evil with the threat of force (Rom. 13). From an historical perspective, it took the military power of the Allies to defeat Hitler. There was nothing else that could bring him down. All of the plots against him failed. Those who tried to appease him were overrun. Only raw force could defeat him. Finally, back to the bible, while I agree that in this age Christ is using a particular strategy to draw many to himself, a day is coming where he too will defeat evil with force (see the book of Revelation). So I think the question is probably not whether force should be used to confront evil but when is force called for. Of course this just creates more questions.

  2. Your key question is the “when” in using power to defeat evil. I suspect it is also “how”. I do not think we can overpower an amorphous group such as terrorism. This does not mean we won’t use force, but I do believe this particular government does not value diplomacy, especially that diplomacy that gets right on the streets in an understanding way. Will diplomacy solve all our problems. Not even close. That will not happen to the end of the age when Christ returns. So, we can use power and submit to power both as ways to show that evil has already been defeated.

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