What does your internal conversation reveal about you?

In your quiet moments (hey, it may only be the shower for some of you), where does your mind go? What topics, feelings, ideas show up when your mind has no place it has to be? What do you notice, turn over in your mind, “process”, etc.? What internal conversation do you have with yourself? As you take stock, just describe what is there:

1. Fantasies of escape from day-to-day drudgery or pain? Fantasies of pain-free excitement-filled living?
2. Vindication desires? Replaying conflicts in ways that you win?
3. Anxious rumination? “What if…” imaginary work?
4. Grumbling/complaining? Reminding oneself of all the wrongs and troubles encountered, ways failed by others.
5. Shame patrol? Repeating to oneself the many ways you’ve failed God, others, the world?
6. Hero fantasies? Developing storylines in your head where you save the world, get the guy/girl, hit the home run, become richer than Bill Gates, etc.

Well, if you find yourself in one of these places on a regular basis, what else can you put your mind to?
1. Just one thing noticing in God’s creation, God himself, or his Word. Just describe, savor, enjoy (as long as it is licit). Describe, explore, avoid judgments.
2. Work on a problem situation but use different benchmarks (e.g., what would be a way I could surprise ______ with grace?) instead of more self-serving manner.
3. Plan (without using perfectionistic fear) ways to meet a particular goal
4. Memorize Scripture or a piece of literature.

What else might you add?


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3 responses to “What does your internal conversation reveal about you?

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  2. Perhaps this isn’t a deep enough thought for you, but . . . I’m like a shepherd driving my mind to pastures where it won’t get into trouble. I direct my thoughts to the words of Christian songs, especially ones singing about heaven, and even old hymns that take on new life when you really listen to the words and appreciate them. Is that kinda what you mean? I remember that time in my life when faith was so easy, when God seemed closer than my heartbeat. I long for heaven.

  3. No, this is good. The imagery of driving your mind to safer pastures is an excellent one. If we do not drive our mind, it will drive us and rarely to good places.

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