Are you a humble person? 7 habits to consider

We all struggle with self-righteousness. We see other’s sins and wish they would stop doing them. Often our vision of their flaws are quite detailed and correct. Yet, how do we maintain a balance between seeing other’s sins and seeing our own.


Here’s a list of habits humble people need to cultivate. It was made by Cornelius Plantinga at a CCEF conference 2 years back.

1. Accept ordinary deficiencies with good will and good humor without feeling threatened or needing to say something about it. (Does it feel like it reflects poorly on you when others close by (family!) have deficiencies?)
2. Ask a lot of questions because this is the way of wisdom
3. Wait for an invitation. Don’t presume your life will be fascinating to other people
4. Be a good receiver of gifts and graces from God and others; be willing to be indebted and grateful
5. Don’t try to make a child over into your image. Children aren’t projects
6. Be filled with irony and humor, especially about yourself and your own humility
7. Own up to your sins without explanation or defense

A good start…now if only I could remember…


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3 responses to “Are you a humble person? 7 habits to consider

  1. Mark Tubbs

    Hi Phil,

    You have no idea how timely this post is regarding what I’m dealing with today at work. Especially the comment about accepting ‘ordinary deficiencies’ with good will and good humour – others’ and my own! Obviously it’s time to break out my well-thumbed copy of Ed Welch’s “When People Are Big and God Is Small.”

    Thanks, Phil, for posting this. Just goes to show God is using the Internet.



  2. In a few minutes I will be leading my class in discussing portions of that book. It has some good diagnostics and “treatments” for building our awe of God.

  3. Brenda

    Hi Phil,

    I found your article when searching for the definition of “Humble”. Even though some people always try to assign other names to being humble, your description reaffirms what kind of person I want to be. I want to give thanks to God, my parents, and my brothers Manuel and Salvador as they have shown how valuable is to be humble.



    P.S. I would like to read that book “When People Are Big and God Is Small”

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