Characteristics of Ego driven leaders

Here’s a link to a blog post on sniffing out ego driven leaders (teachers, pastors, future employees, etc.) you might find helpful. Cavman, a thoughtful pastor, lists a set of characteristics about ego driven individuals that he gleaned from a book by Roger Parrott. He, Cavman, writes,

He [Parrott] offers some of the signs that a person is probably driven by ego (getting attention) rather than ambition (advances in the kingdom).

  • Live Flamboyantly– drawn to lavishness in things and people.
  • Inflate Vision– consistently over-promise and under-deliver.
  • Act Invincible- winning is more important than what is prudent and wise.
  • Ignore Critics– discredit or ignore those with different ideas, or who offer constructive criticism.
  • Crave Adrenaline– gain energy in flagrant risk.
  • Exaggerate Actions– exhaust rather than equip their staff.
  • Become Sensitive– very thin-skinned, they either attack or isolate.
  • Attract Groupies– people who will not/cannot challenge them.  They feed their attention addiction.
  • Demand Appreciation– like a drug addict.
  • Require Empathy– without offering empathy.
  • Listen Poorly– they don’t want instruction, correction or good ideas.
  • Enjoy Competition– gaining attention by prevailing over others.
  • Control Obsessively– uncomfortable when they are not in control.
  • Ignore Boundaries– they assume they are better than others, and not subject to the same rules.


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4 responses to “Characteristics of Ego driven leaders

  1. Louie Buses

    Where is the rate yourself 1-10 scale? 🙂

    It might be fun to try and find a Proverb or narrative to cover each one of these.

  2. Carmella

    That is definitely a list that we all need to think and pray hard about never becoming. A little insecurity or control issue and we could find ourselves being ego-driven, poor leaders, and thereby misrepresenting God. scary and humbling.

  3. The book is The Longview: Lasting Strategies for Rising Leaders.

    • Hey, thanks for prompting us to see your title. I didn’t realize I failed to list your book title. Thanks for pointing out these issues. I look forward to reading it.

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