Where’s your geographical home?

Just spent a week in Connecticut and Massachusetts. I spent most of my growing up years in Vermont, have lived in Mass, NH, and Maine, where my parents live now. There’s something about NE that feels like home. The houses, the terrain, the temperature. It all gives the feel of home, even though I have only lived 2 years in NE in the last 20. Even the Red Flops 5 game loss to the Yankees at home made me feel like I had never left.

We spent 2 days with friends who live north of Boston. To me, this is quintessential NE. The water, the houses, the beauty all around. 

I wonder if others have this experience too. I guess its a taste of Heaven, when we finally feel at rest and at home with the Lord.


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3 responses to “Where’s your geographical home?

  1. Oh, where in NH did you live? I grew up in Nashua- answer to a Trivial Pursuit question.

    I read the About page. I also have my MA in Counseling. It was a more integrationist model, but have been enjoying materials from CCEF, particularly David Powlison.

    You know, ‘Tek and Trot return this weekend, so there is a faint glimmer of hope. If not, at least the Patriots still have a good team.

  2. Lived in Concord for 2 years (98-00). Powlison was my teacher at WTS. I use a fair amount of his/their stuff in my courses.

    the Sox plunge has gotten me so low I no longer tune into Hartford’s 1080 to hear the games (we can get it here in Philly in the evening).

  3. I have to stay up logged into My.Yahoo! to get the 30 second refreshes. MLB likes $, so you can’t get the games on-line thru WEEI, you have to subscribe to MLB’s site.

    I just feel so bad about all the injuries… there is no one to blame for that, and the papers want someone to pay.

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