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Power leads to…?

In the US, we have just completed an election cycle where Republicans have taken back power in the House of Representatives. Behind this change is a fair amount of voter anger with the current Democratic leadership, especially from Tea Party sympathizers.

Traveling to work I heard a snippet of a speech by a person (not elected) stated that if the newly elected individual didn’t meet their expectations, they’d work to vote them out the next time.

Seems that sometimes power acquisition breeds more desire for power and less willingness to compromise. Of course, loss and failure may also breed a desire to pretend to compromise but do everything possible to avoid real flexibility.

What makes me think this is a comment my wife made about her current reading pleasure: Bonhoeffer (by Erik Metaxas). From the author’s perspective, there were a number of German civilian and military leaders who were uncomfortable with Hitler’s grandiosity and even interest in taking over other countries. However, once they were smashingly successful, most seemed to get on board and enjoy the power.

In short, they became comfortable with demanding even more power from those who couldn’t defend themselves.

Now, hear me loud and clear. I am not making an analogy between Hitler and Republicans. Nor, am I denigrating recent voting trends of voter anger. But success in the polls ought not make us more embolden to listen only to our own interests. Access to power sometimes breeds less love for the ones defeated. Our newly elected leaders have to find a way to govern (not something we’ve been doing well at for some time in this country) all of their constituents–even those who didn’t vote for them.


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