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What if a negative person followed you around all day?

Tomorrow I’m posting about the problem of repetitive thoughts. Was talking in supervision, today, about the problem and my eminently wise supervisor suggested that one of the issues about repetitive thoughts is that we forget that they aren’t reality and so we listen to them. Actually, she said it much nicer but that is the best I can do.

She suggested telling clients to consider (write down) these repetitive, negative thoughts and imagine that they were being said by someone following them around. This objectifies the thoughts and gives one an opportunity to talk back to them.

So, imagine that someone is following you around and saying aloud your thoughts. What would you want to do to them? How might that picture help you to reject certain negativistic self-talk or rumination about others?

Kind of like Gollum’s (Lord of the Rings) debate with himself. We all have a little Gollum in us, right?

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