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Peanut butter invention?

Peanut butter is a semi-solid and can therefor...

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Okay, this doesn’t fit into the usual category of posts on this site but…How do you get natural peanut butter to mix well?

I love the taste of natural peanut butter but when you open the jar for the first time, the oil is sitting on the top. So, you stick a knife or spoon in and start stirring. Usually, I’m not careful enough and some of the oil spills out. Or, I give up after a bit and just start eating. But, not stirring it well enough means that when I get to the bottom, the peanut butter will be dry and hard.

So, how do get it to mix well? Think Home Depot would let me bring my jar to their paint shaking machines (used to mix paint really well)? I wonder if that would do the trick.


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