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Theological thoughts on intersex and gender

For those in the Philly area, you are invited to come to Biblical to hear a guest lecturer speak on the subject of intersex. Megan De Franza will be guest lecturing in an MDiv theology class, Tuesday, November 3rd, starting at 6 pm. She is a doctoral student at Marquette University and writing her dissertation on the topic of gender and how Christian theology might address “intersex” (formerly known as hermaphrodism). As many as 1:2200 births result in a form of intersex (anywhere from ambiguous external genitalia to more hidden gender anomalies).

Is there room for a third gender? Megan will explore Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 19 about marriage and eunuchs and consider if this relates to the subject.

No charge (but I’m sure someone would take a check if you felt so inclined).


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