Theological thoughts on intersex and gender

For those in the Philly area, you are invited to come to Biblical to hear a guest lecturer speak on the subject of intersex. Megan De Franza will be guest lecturing in an MDiv theology class, Tuesday, November 3rd, starting at 6 pm. She is a doctoral student at Marquette University and writing her dissertation on the topic of gender and how Christian theology might address “intersex” (formerly known as hermaphrodism). As many as 1:2200 births result in a form of intersex (anywhere from ambiguous external genitalia to more hidden gender anomalies).

Is there room for a third gender? Megan will explore Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 19 about marriage and eunuchs and consider if this relates to the subject.

No charge (but I’m sure someone would take a check if you felt so inclined).


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5 responses to “Theological thoughts on intersex and gender

  1. so glad to see the church deal with these tough “want to hide my head in the sand” topics.

  2. Carmella


    will transcripts or a recording be available for those of us who would love to hear this information but are not able to attend??


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