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Passing on a great post on learning

A friend of mine passed on this blog post about learning in an “info-glut culture.” A worthy read if you like learning but feel overwhelmed by the amount of information out there.

Of course, by passing on a new blog for you to read I participating in the info-glut culture. 🙂 However, let this one sink in and then be more choosy about what you read (just as long as you don’t all tune me out).



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Mind pollution

Some years ago a bible study leader (and grad school professor) made this response to a comment I made suggesting he should read some new book: “Phil, I’m sure its an interesting book but I have limited time for reading and I so I’ve already picked what I can read for this year.” I was floored at the time. Picked? How can you know what you will read for the year? What about all the interesting things that might get published? I think I thought it a bit arrogant at the time. At any rate, it didn’t make sense, especially since I love to read up on all sorts of things. I kind of pride myself of being “up” on many topics.

That conversation happened before the explosion of social networking and before my access to high speed Internet. I now understand a bit of what he was speaking about. Mind pollution: the filling of my mind of diverse and interesting tidbits that have little lasting value. News, social networking, even blog entries by great writers, etc.

Of course, if I thought this was a serious problem, I’d probably need to help by reducing mind pollution and posting things only when absolutely necessary. But, since I like thinking out loud, I’ll continue to do so, but endeavor to eliminate posts just like this one. 🙂


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