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Christian put-downs? Do they fit in the mission of God?

In the world that I live in (theological academia) we engage in hearty discussions about the positions and ideas others put in the public domain. When discussing a theological point, we debate who is the closest to being right and are quick to point out where eminent thinkers have wandered off the path of reason and truth. Most of the time, this is done in the spirit of desiring to have increasing knowledge and wisdom. Well, maybe not most of the time, but at least part of the time. Of course, we usually think that our thoughts and ideas are closer to God’s truth than our counterparts. This is especially true when we begin to think critically about long-held ideas and beliefs–ideas and beliefs that we, along with the majority, held explicitly or implicitly. But something else happens when we find ourselves in the minority opinion. Continue reading

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What is the mission of Christ?

Science Monday is still on vacation (sort of like when Cartalk puts the puzzler to bed for the summer…). I’ll trot it back out when I start Ethics next week…

Yesterday, Isaac Shaw of Delhi Bible Institute preached at my church. He asked a question that got me thinking: What is the mission of Christ? Continue reading

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On-line missional theology course about to begin…

oHere’s a ad I got from our VP for student advancement asking if I would post a note here. Since they pay my salary and since Todd Mangum, the teacher, is fabulous I’m happy to do so. If interested in learning more about missional theology, consider…

Your First Course at Biblical Seminary Could Be The Course That Gives “Feet” to Theology:

Missional Theology 1

Instructor: Biblical’s own Dr. Todd Mangum (

This link will take you to the syllabus:

Or see our website ( and click on “equip”

Limited cyber-seating. Register Today:  800-235-4021 Ext 106

Q: Can I use this course in my program at another seminary?

A: Very likely…please contact us for more information

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