On-line missional theology course about to begin…

oHere’s a ad I got from our VP for student advancement asking if I would post a note here. Since they pay my salary and since Todd Mangum, the teacher, is fabulous I’m happy to do so. If interested in learning more about missional theology, consider…

Your First Course at Biblical Seminary Could Be The Course That Gives “Feet” to Theology:

Missional Theology 1

Instructor: Biblical’s own Dr. Todd Mangum (www.biblical.edu)

This link will take you to the syllabus:


Or see our website (www.biblical.edu) and click on “equip”

Limited cyber-seating. Register Today:  800-235-4021 Ext 106

Q: Can I use this course in my program at another seminary?

A: Very likely…please contact us for more information

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One response to “On-line missional theology course about to begin…

  1. Onzima Fanuel [Rev}

    May you give me more information on course about Missional Theology because I teach in Theological College and would want to recommend this in our College.

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