Diane Langberg: Living with ongoing trauma

A few years ago, Dr. Diane Langberg gave a talk about ongoing trauma experiences, when there is no “post” in the posttraumatic stress disorder. When there is no after trauma yet (e.g., ongoing domestic violence, living in a war zone, etc.), what kinds of help and hope might a survivor hold on to? Is there anything that can be done?

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  1. Sarah

    Similar terms for this experience are continuous traumatic stress, or ongoing traumatic stress.

    Some people have been helped by learning stress reduction techniques, others by finding exactly what they can expect to be in control of in their life and doing the best they can with those things, some people are helped by supportive psychotherapy, others by community psychoeducation, others by religion and/or philosophy.. I’m sure there are many more ways people work the reduce the harm, powerlessness and suffering when living with ongoing trauma. Meaning making and connection seems to be really important.

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