Using the news to explore our difficulties with apologies

Given the news in the last 24 hours about one politician’s indecent language (and his subsequent “apology”), it seems like a good time to review the human tendency to defend ourselves and shift blame. We’ve been doing this since Adam and Eve blamed others for their fall. But rather than shrug our shoulders or think we are better then politicians, let’s use this opportunity to remember what constitutes a good apology. Consider reading some of these previous posts and discussing with your friends. Ask yourselves where you need to grow:


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6 responses to “Using the news to explore our difficulties with apologies

  1. Tom

    I’m wondering if apologies by politicians fall under an entirely different epistemology… In any case, point(s) taken. A rather lengthy treatise on why apologies are so counter-intuitive is a book by the mother-son duo,Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson‎ – “Mistakes Were Made But Not By Me.” Good read. [Phil, the links above were giving me some trouble. You might check them.]

  2. Cobus

    Thanks for making the tone to put this together! May I ask you look at the links to other articles -I suspect there is a problem.

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