Training Trauma Healers For The Church

Over at our faculty blog site you can find my summary of a recent trauma recovery training for pastors and church leaders. Biblical co-sponsored this training with the American Bible Society in an attempt to bring a well-established, scripture-engaged trauma healing model to the Philadelphia area. Read more about the model and its value as well as see a picture of the training (thanks Heather Drew).

Trauma comes to us in all shapes and sizes. Traumatized outsiders (i.e., immigrants), child sexual abuse, domestic violence, community violence, racial injustice and natural disasters are here, not just something that is “over there.” While we may have more professional mental health resources here than other communities have access to, we still do not have enough to serve the need. And even if we did, the best models of recovery connected traumatized people to their faith and their communities. What better place to do that than in the church?


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3 responses to “Training Trauma Healers For The Church

  1. Patricia Hunt

    Very interesting! I certainly see a need for something like this. People in the church mean well and want to minister and help, but are not always equipped to deal with serious trauma in their neighbor beside them. I think this goal is very worthy and hope it flourishes to help many others to minister to traumatized people.

  2. I did NOT get a photo credit…eh hem.

    🙂 I’m joking. I truly don’t care. I just like having an opportunity to mess with you.

  3. You did get the credit here!

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