Join Our Trauma Healing Community of Practice: March 17-19

March 17-19, 2014 is the 3rd annual Community of Practice hosted by the American Bible Society and their Trauma Healing Institute. As Advisory co-chair I have been involved in the planning for this event and am excited for what it is shaping up to be. Once again, we will be at the Mother Boniface Spirituality Center in Northeast Philadelphia.

If you are interested in networking with trauma recovery facilitators from 6 continents you should come. If you are interested in getting NBCC CEs, you should come. If you are wanting to learn more about the ABS trauma healing model, you should come. There will be presentations on the following topics (a sample)

  • Reports from trauma recovery work in Uganda, DRC, refugee camps, Sri Lanka, and more
  • Update on Resiliency (myself)
  • Urban Trauma (Michael Lyles, MD)
  • Shame and Trauma (Diane Langberg, PhD)
  • Military Trauma (Pat Miersma)
  • Trauma and children (Bethany Haley, PhD)
  • Update on current trauma recovery research (Matthew Stanford, PhD)

Check out this link to see the speaker list and networking opportunities.  Same link will allow you to register.

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