Free Issue of Journal of Traumatic Stress

As a member of International Society of Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS), I am able to offer you a link to a free issue of their journal, Journal of Traumatic Stress.

Click this link for the February issue page with links to download individual articles.  Several essays relate to PTSD treatment for veterans, at least one essay re: child maltreatment in Uganda.



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3 responses to “Free Issue of Journal of Traumatic Stress

  1. Andrew J. Schmutzer

    Phil, are you aware of any address of Sleep Paralysis and its relation to PTSD?

    • Andrew, do you mean the paralysis upon awakening? It is considered a REM sleep paralysis intruding into wakefulness. It can accompany hypnopompic hallucinations as well. It is a phenomenon that happens most in teenage years but can continue. However, there are some good data to suggest it happens more in populations with mental illness. I did a quick search and found 14 essays dealing with PTSD/panic and this problem. Interestingly, a number were done on the Khmer population after their trauma.
      Seems to me that if a person is hypervigilant (common PTSD symptom), has tendency toward nightmares, and then experiences this sleep paralysis, it would be quite upsetting.

  2. Thanks so much! I was just praying about to need to have more resources for research for my next paper (Liberty University’s Blackboard site has been chronically down the last three weeks), and here is my answer. God answers our requests before we even voice them. Thanks for being His answer!

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