A Rug Covers A Multitude of Sins: But Some Day…

For some insane reason, we have decided to remove our rugs and refinish the original pine flooring. This means pulling up the wall-to-wall that has been in the house since before we moved in. True, the carpeting needs to go. It is tired and worn with stains throughout. So, as I pull up the carpet, I find:

  • someone thought nailing plywood and green vinyl squares on top of the flooring in the dining room would be a good idea
  • an installed electrical plug…in the floor
  • buckled pieces of flooring
  • A hole filled in with junk wood and plaster of paris
  • a beat up floor showing its 100 years of age

So, while love covers a multitude of sins…so does carpet. The floor guy is sure our floors will look great when he has finished sanding and staining but he has a whole lot more hope than I. I’ve half a mind to just order a new carpet and hide the various sins of the previous owners.

Much like the rug, the outer veneer we share with others covers up much of our warts. We present well in public. But there are times when the outer covering needs replacement…or when health removes that veneer. What will others find when we can no longer cover up those flaws? Lord help us!


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2 responses to “A Rug Covers A Multitude of Sins: But Some Day…

  1. Stan Kletkewicz

    Hi Phil,
    Glad to see you made it home safely. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip.

    I too have an old home (180 years old). Our floors are much less than perfect. It is actually those imperfections that give a rich, warm, comfortable, REAL character.

    Watch TV and you can see so many programs that “inform” us that our floors (lives) are to be perfect – all in an attempt to sell something new. Our culture seems to buy into this. Personally, I love the imperfections I see, if for no other reason to me it means maybe someone will love me with my imperfections, green vinyl squares and all.

  2. D. Stevenson

    If you are wanting the wood floor look, there is also a “lap joint” wood “planking” sold at Home Depot. It can simply be placed atop the current floor. There are various wood choices. Possibly less than carpet (don’t know for sure) especially if you do the installation yourself. It has a 50 year warranty. I don’t recall the name of the brand.

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