Important series on abuse this week at

This week, Rachel Held Evans will be blogging about the topic of abuse in Christian settings. Each day she will be making AM and PM postings by giving voice to victims and professionals, respectively. For example, this morning’s post is a guest post by Mary Demuth (see link below). This afternoon, she will post and interview with my friend, Boz Tchividjian, executive director of GRACE¬†(and this year’s graduation speaker at Biblical Seminary).

Check the blog each day. I believe she will post a blog by me tomorrow afternoon!


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2 responses to “Important series on abuse this week at

  1. Andrew J. Schmutzer

    Thanks for letting readers know. Because you have a wonderful nack for summarizing speeches and lectures, please consider ‘summarizing’ the essence of each set that Rachel has on her blog regarding Sexual and Spiritual abuse. A thought.

  2. Wish I could. Can’t do much this week as I am in a conference all week with the Bible Society and other trauma recovery practitioners around the world.

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