Ken Tada: Breast cancer from the husband’s point of view

Last night I had a short but sweet conversation with Ken Tada. That would be Joni Eareckson Tada’s husband. Joni and a few others were presenting yesterday at a Biblical Seminary event. At the Q & A, an audience member asked how we all could pray for Joni and Ken. Ken’s answer was to tell us that in 2010, Joni was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had treatment and now has gone 2.5 years since surgery and chemo. He asked that we pray for continued good health in regards to cancer. He mentioned the important goal of making 5 years without a reoccurrence.

As a fellow husband of a breast cancer survivor, I could relate well to his prayer. We just hit our 3 year anniversary. During our conversation we discussed how such a diagnosis and ensuing suffering brings life into crystal clarity. What is important (relationships, time together, worship, small things like listening to the birds, etc.) and what is not (writing/speaking opportunities, following the news, public affirmation, career advancement) becomes so evident to us. It also taught us both (Ken and I) what vows mean. Now, I would have thought he already understood that being married to Joni. I suppose he did. However, new forms of suffering remind us of what God’s love is like for us.

Last night Joni said that suffering is used by God to purify us, to remove those things that are not from him. I agree. It does so in both the one with cancer as well as the husband.

He and Joni have a new book coming out in April. I saw a copy of it last night. Looks like a good read!


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3 responses to “Ken Tada: Breast cancer from the husband’s point of view

  1. trusting with difficulty

    One doesn’t have to be a husband, or even a blood relative. I am currently, deeply suffering as I helplessly watch the even deeper suffering of a friend.

    HE asked me, will I trust Him and I choose yes. Still, it isn’t easy, and it still hurts.

  2. I’ve been chewing on all the things Joni said yesterday. Her Pool of Bethesda story left a permanent mark on me. When she first read the story of the man at the pool she cried out to God for her to heal her body, then decades later she sat at the actual pool in person and thanked God He didn’t answer those long-ago cries of healing. What power our God has. Psalm 77:19 (one of my favorite Psalms verses) says, “Your road led through the sea, your pathway through the mighty waters—a pathway no one knew was there except for you.”

    “And blessed be Your name / on the road marked with suffering / though there’s pain in the offering / blessed be Your name.” Just typed that as I was typing tomorrow’s church slides. 🙂

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