Booknote: Broken Memory

Just posted a short book review over at Global Trauma Recovery Institute. It is a novella about a child survivor of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. If you are interested in getting an inside look at life after a trauma, dealing with memories and spaces in memories, and a common recovery process, I commend the book to you.  Quite moving, easy to read (not triggering for most), and gives some good illustrations of actions of the survivor and other caring individuals that help the young woman regain control over her internal world.

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  1. Amaris in Wonderland

    Have you heard of Into the Nevernight by Anne De Graaf? It is a great book that addresses the trauma of child soldiers and refugees… as well as recovery & hope. I couldn’t put it down when i read it – sometimes through tears… When it was over, i was speechless. I can’t say whether it was triggering, or not, though. You would be the better judge of that.

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