Global Trauma Recovery Institute website launched

We’ve finally gotten Global Trauma Recovery Institute off the ground with our web presence and our upcoming courses! Check out the download forms on the right side of the GTRI page for application, course abstracts, and information on small group consultations with Dr. Langberg and myself.

To refresh your memory, we have a 3 course design for continuing education and training regarding the work of global trauma recovery facilitation. Courses are designed to be at the postgraduate level and each course is divided into two parts, an online portion and an on campus portion. While the online portion can be taken alone, those who wish to be eligible for the immersion portion must complete all three online and on campus portions.

These three courses will prepare participants at a beginning stages of facilitating recovery efforts in the places God has placed on their hearts. We will be exploring the nature and impact of a variety of traumas, how best to listen, learn from, and engage a particular culture, and how to collaborate with local caregivers to improve existing trauma recovery efforts.

In addition, we offer individual or group case consultations. Our first group consultation cohort will begin January 11, 2013 and meet monthly for six months (in Jenkintown, PA). Sign up now since we will only be taking 6-8 for this cohort.

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  1. Good luck as you get this off the ground! Your mission will be in my prayers.

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