Top 2011 reads at wisecounsel? Oldies rule!

WordPress sent me a synopsis of my blog’s stats (where are readers coming from, what do they read, etc.) for the year 2011. So, I thought I would look at what posts got the most attention this year. Surprisingly, of the top 12 posts, only one was written this year! Despite having an all-time readership number this year, it appears that older posts get the most attention. I can interpret this in two ways: my writing used to be better (or had more appealing titles? ) or, my writing has staying power.

Hmm. which interpretation is psychologically more appealing to me?

Anyway, here are the 12 top clicked posts in descending order (and their year first posted) of 2011. Each title is a hotlink to the post. [It doesn’t count those posts read through social networks or my homepage. Mostly this counts those posts read by clicking the right hand “top posts” list or by search engine results]

Top Posts for 365 days ending 2011-12-31

2010-12-31 to Today



Where is my wallet? Why we find it hard to learn some really important lessons  2007
Serious Mental Illness and faith: what to do?  2007
Psychiatric vs. Psychological evaluations: What is the difference?  2009
The art of counseling: Why interpersonal process is (almost) everything  2006
What is the proper response to Bin Laden’s death?  2011
Bonny and buxom? The answer to yesterday’s trivia  2008
Are you a humble person? 7 habits to consider  2007
How long should you keep clinical records?  2007
Frederick Douglass on American Religion  2007
Grief brings ‘wisdom through the awful grace of God’  2006
Mindfulness and meditation  2008
The practice of unlicensed counseling  2009


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2 responses to “Top 2011 reads at wisecounsel? Oldies rule!

  1. Reader

    Your writing certainly has staying power. Please keep writing. As one new to your blog in the last year or so, I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the list of your top posts from the last 365 days. I look forward to searching your archives.

    Am not familiar with how statistics of blog readership is monitored and provided to you (where readers are coming from, what is being read)? How is this done? And are identities (emails) kept private?

    Thank you for your commitment to truth, willingness to “put yourself out there”, desire to educate, challenge readers and address sensitive, real life issues.

    Looking forward to your 2012 musings. 🙂

    • Dear Reader,
      Thanks for the encouragement. Readership stats are pretty basic. I don’t know who readers are unless they identify themselves. Email addresses are available to me but not to the public. Mostly, what I know is how many different IPs click, what they read, where people are coming from (general location in the world) and how they get referred to the blog (e.g., google search, a link on another blog).


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