DRC/Rwanda Trip: Day 8

Tuesday, October 18, 2011, Kigali

Today is our first relaxed day of the trip. We begin the day by having devotions with the staff at IJM. Josh led them in some thoughts from the book of James on themes of justice and justified. The Apostle Paul illustrates the payment (transaction) for justification found in the cross. James points us to the evidence (receipt) of our justification found in our works that prove we have been justified. There is no faith without works.

After devotions, we went to a very American looking cafe to have coffee and to go

Good coffee good colleagues

over the conference plans with IJM employee and counselor Baraka Unwingeneye. She and Josephine Munyeli (WorldVision) are our co-laborers and without them we would not be able to do this work. Our planning helps us nail down tomorrow’s conference efforts. We know we have good ideas for days 2 and 3 but we must be flexible and alter what we want to do for what can be done well.

Walked back to Solace for lunch and then out for a stroll of nearby streets with Carol. Just prior to dinner we received a visit from Rev. Nathan Ndyamiyemenshi at ALARM. He took us to see their retreat property on a lovely hill on the edge of Kigali. A beautiful spot for anyone who would want to take a group to Rwanda. One of the buildings had a plaque stating that it was a donation from Calvary Church of Souderton!

On the return to Solace, we stopped off to by Rwandan coffee beans to bring home. Speaking of home, I am getting homesick. While it is good to have a restful day, I am ready to get on with our conference and go home. Good that we start tomorrow.


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2 responses to “DRC/Rwanda Trip: Day 8

  1. Dawn

    Hi Phil – I’ve been eagerly following your Rwanda postings. Would you mind sharing how you became involved in international trauma counseling? My first career is in development, but I am in the process of applying to PhD programs and hope to be actively involved in stress/trauma counseling here and overseas. Thanks for the insights, and for the great work on the blog!

    • Dawn, I was introduced to international trauma work by my supervisor, Diane Langberg (www.dianelangberg.com). You might want to look for schools that have faculty who are doing research on trauma. Wheaton College’s Jamie Aten is doing that kind of work domestically but I know he is overseeing some students interested in trauma work around the world.

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