Magazine Note: CCT on Global Issues and Challenges for Counselors

Volume 18:3 of Christian Counseling Today (published by AACC) is now out. If you don’t normally see this publication, you might want to lay your hands on a copy. Here is some of the content

  • Report on the Cape town Declaration (Lausanne Congress) and its vision for seeing counseling as mission (by Brad Smith and Fred Gingrich). You can read the whole Cape Town Declaration here.
  • Some thoughts on the cross as it relates to kingdom culture by Samuel Rodriguez
  • Diane Langberg’s important essay, “Trauma as a Mission Field.”
  • One of my former students on the state of religious persecution in China and the state of church based counseling. A must read if you are thinking about ministering in China.
  • An excellent article by Naji Abi-Hashem about 21st century challenges to the work of counseling
  • I and Josh Straub have a brief introduction to basic competencies for those who want to work internationally (had to get that in there!)

In addition, there are several other good essays dealing with the tragedy in Japan and Haiti, trauma in relief workers, and more. None of these are very long articles but they do serve to prime the pump. They should get you excited to think globally and act locally as a counselor.

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