When someone you love suffers from PTSD?

Has anyone read this book? The full title is: When Someone You Love Suffers from Posttraumatic Stress: What to Expect and What you Can Do  (By Claudia Zayfert and Jason DeViva (Guilford Press).

If so, any thoughts on it? I do not yet have it in my possession. One of the areas I found wanting re: PTSD is a good book for spouses of survivors of sexual abuse. There was a book that I would use but is no longer in print. Some do read “Stop Walking on Eggshells”, a book about living with Borderline Personality Disorder. While there are relational behaviors commonly seen in people with either complex PTSD or BPD, the two problems are different and sadly, those with complex trauma reactions get stigmatized with the BPD label.

So, if anyone has seen this and wants to lend their comments, I would welcome them here.


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4 responses to “When someone you love suffers from PTSD?

  1. D. Stevenson

    Sorry, haven’t seen or read the book. Just want to comment that it is sad that having complex PTSD and getting a BPD diagnosis is stigmatizing rather than just an incorrect diagnosis. Did you see Marsha Linehan (creator of DBT) recently revealed herself as having suffered from BPD?

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