NYC reflections

Central Park - New York

Image by via Flickr

Having spent less than 24 hours in Manhattan (more specifically just Southwest of Central Park), I feel qualified to make some observations about the Big Apple (wink). In no particular order

  • Residents there must make tons of money because,
    • they are wearing some obviously stylish get-ups
    • everything costs a gazillion dollars plus tax
  • Female residents must have genetically modified feet because they have to walk forever on stiletto heels
  • Central Park is quite a happening place on a Saturday afternoon. One might run into sunbathers, bocci ball players, a man wheeling a bass, a minstrel show, and a napper under every tree
  • Residents must not have much fear of heights as I saw individuals leaning on balcony railings some 30 floors up
  • Vendors work VERY hard
  • Pigeons are afraid of nothing
  • The lights are well-timed so you can travel pretty quickly (on a Saturday in the Summer) up and down the Island
  • It is a good place to visit, not so good to live!


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3 responses to “NYC reflections

  1. Mark Yarhouse

    That about sums up my experience. Look: confirmation from independent observations.

  2. D. Stevenson

    I recently read “Things that remain: A journey of remembrance and forgiveness.” by Tracy Kidder. It is a biography of a man who escaped Burundi during the civil war – about the time of Rwandan genocide – the Hutu/Tutsi thing also a problem in Burundi)

    BUT…, point of this comment, he ended up in NYC with $200 and a small suitcase of belongings. During one period he was homeless and living in Central Park. The book gives a view of a different side of NYC. Rather fascinating actually, or so I thought.

  3. Brooke

    Yes…..but look at all you learned….as a New York native…..I concur with your findings…:) definitely entertaining aren’t we…even the pigeons.

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