Trauma week

This week might well be named trauma week–both due to the topic and amount of work. My schedule looks like this

Monday: Tonight’s Psychopathology class covers trauma and dissociation.

Tuesday: Spending the morning with Diane Langberg, Baraka Paulette (a Rwandan Counselor), and Carol King planning our October trip to Rwanda, the DRC and possibly a couple other countries. We will be, Lord willing, teaching and training Rwandans. The meeting is to focus on what exactly we will teach lay, pastoral, and professional individuals in regard to trauma training. Our goal is to train trainers to do the work.

Wednesday: From 9a to 9p I will be co-chairing an advisory committee (with Diane) giving the American Bible Society some feedback on their trauma healing materials and methods. The ABS has initiated She’s My Sister, a plan to address rampant rape in the Great Lakes region of Africa.

Thursday: In the AM we will be reporting to the ABS and their partners (Saddleback, World Relief, IJM, and others) on our work from the day before. In the PM we will be launching Biblical Seminary’s conference on sex trafficking and sexual abuse in the christian community. [NOTE: the conference is FREE but almost filled up. Just a few seats left. IF you want to go, you need to sign up now as it will be capped!]

Friday: Conference continues! Speakers include Diane Langberg, Bethany Hoang, Pearl Kim, and Robert Morrison.

Saturday: Conference continues til lunch. I get to chair a panel discussion to close it out

Sunday: To top off the week, I will teach a class at a local church on the topic of sex. The audience is a premarital class. The trauma here won’t be mine. Usually there is some poor embarrassed soul in the front row  🙂

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