Abuse of Adderall?

For those with significant ADHD symptoms (distractability, impulsivity, difficulty completing tasks, difficulty organizing, etc.) stimulant medication is a necessary part of life.

But stimulants help everyone focus, whether they need it or not. Check out this article about the abuse of Adderall at the U. of Wisconsin. Click here.


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2 responses to “Abuse of Adderall?

  1. My daughter has fetal alcohol syndrome and was using Adderall. Not long after she turned 18, she was arrested for “giving” Adderall to a 13-year-old friend. She was charged with 2nd degree felony (Controlled Substance, Sales). She later plea bargained and plead guilty to a 4th degree felony. She was given a stay of imposition so if she completes her probation, the charge will be listed as a misdemeanor. In our case, it worked out for the good. My daughter was out of control and I was really struggling to get her services as an adult. She is getting services now. She is living in a residential treatment center that specializes in DBT and participating in court ordered outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation. She is even completing her high school degree.

    I wonder if the kids selling their Adderall have any idea how much trouble they can get in?

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