Registration now open for sexual abuse and human trafficking conference (FREE)

If you are interested in our March 17-19 2011 conference on the topics of sexual abuse in the christian community and the problem of human trafficking, please register now here. It is FREE.*

Main speakers will be

  • Diane Langberg
  • Bethany Hoang (IJM)
  • Pearl Kim (ADA of Delaware County)
  • Bob Morrison (founder of F.R.E.E., a grass roots org fighting trafficking in Reading area).

I’ll be overseeing a panel discussion at the end of the conference. Conference will be held at BranchCreek Community Church located in Harleysville, PA.

We expect this conference to fill up very quickly so if you are thinking of coming, do sign up now.

*Attending the 3 day conference at NO COST for all who sign up. However, if you are a PA professional counselor or psychologist, you can accrue CEUs for a VERY nominal fee. If you want 1 credit of graduate, academic, credit, our usual tuition fees apply.


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4 responses to “Registration now open for sexual abuse and human trafficking conference (FREE)

  1. Do you have someone covering the US domestic minor sex trafficking?

    • TL, Maybe. I know Diane Langberg will be covering the issue of domestic trafficking in one of her two plenary talks. I’m sure it will include minors but will not be limited to minors. Also, Bob Morrison will be talking about local, sustainable responses to domestic trafficking. Again, that will include minors but will not be limited to sex trafficking in the US but any kind of trafficking in the US.

  2. Ryan

    Do you have more details about the content area of the presentations being provided?

    • Ryan, the exact titles have not been finalized. The conference starts Thursday pm with an opening lectures by Diane and Bethany…both having to do with the theme of violence, justice and biblical content–especially the issue of violence towards women and children around the globe. Friday includes a focus on international and domestic trafficking with lectures by Diane and Bethany and break out sessions by those two and Bob Morrison and Pearl Kim (also on trafficking, criminal justice, and spiritual warfare).
      The conference ends Saturday am with a final lecture by Diane about sexual abuse within Christian contexts and a panel discussion with all speakers.

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