Prayers for the Maier family

Those of you familiar with my program at Biblical Seminary know that my dear colleague and his wife, Bryan  and Michelle Maier, have been battling her breast cancer for the last 3 plus years. Tuesday morning, the Lord called Michelle home. Please remember Bryan and his three young boys as they grieve the loss of their wife and mother.

If you have known Michelle, then you know she has been a fighter, turning back death numerous times over the last 9 months. But more than that, she was the drive and the organization behind Bryan. She made it easier for him to be the excellent but sometimes absent-minded professor that he is. When I saw them together, it was absolutely clear that she loved him but didn’t take him (or herself) too seriously. This means she knew Bryan well, his strengths and weaknesses, and cared for both equally well. She was one who knew how to speak the truth in love.

In her own right, she was an exceptional teacher with much experience in teaching learning and behavior disordered children. Even after coming to Philadelphia, she taught courses for teachers in training back in  Chicago.

I first met Bryan and Michelle at Wheaton College in 1995, before either of us had children. I have watched Michelle in times of strength and times of weaknesses. No matter the context, whether she was chasing down a toddler or lying in a bed trying to breathe, I always felt there was something very solid about her, about her faith, and her commitment to her family.

So, pray for the family. Bryan wishes to grieve well and to help his boys grieve do the same. There will be a viewing at the Huff and Lakjer Funeral Home in Lansdale, PA on Tuesday, 9/21 from 7-9 pm. The funeral will be held at First Baptist Church, Lansdale on 9/22 at 10:30 am. Graveside service afterward and reception to follow. Bryan has asked that those considering sending flowers to instead contribute to the future educational needs of his boys instead. I’ll post details about how to do that here as a comment when I have them.


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2 responses to “Prayers for the Maier family

  1. Thanks for sharing this personal update and for such a wonderful testimony. I did not have the honor of meeting Michelle, but I’ve known Bryan since 1981. I’ve watched him the past three years as he’s ministered to his wife, taught his students, took on other nationwide ministry, and grieved well through the process. Their lives are a testimony to our living hope in Christ alone.

  2. David Kirkner

    It is October 11 and I just learned of Michele’s passing yesterday. I am saddened for my friend Bryan and his 3 boys. I have admired and respected Bryan since 1989 when we both lived in Kokomo, Indiana. You described Michele so well as a faithful, loving, engaging and forthright wife and friend. If anybody will grieve well and lead his boys to do the same, it will be Bryan. May God’s rich and powerful grace be their reality now and forever.

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