Twenty Years!

Today marks my 20th anniversary of marriage to my wonderful wife Kim. Twenty years ago today she consented to marry me–a young and naive boy with little evidence of capacity to make a living (at that time I had a BA in theology and was working on an MA in religion). Since then, she has let me practice into adulthood at her expense. This is not to say she had no misgivings.Let me tell you about it…

We met as Seminary students and had been friends for about a year when I got the bright idea that we ought to date. Our friendship had been built on spending time together on walks/hikes and her making meals for me every so often (it helped to be a skinny, poor seminary student). The idea of dating came quite clear to me when one day she told me she was going to go on a date with someone from church. I realized right then and there I had no interests making room for other guys. So, I opened up the “dating” conversation sometime in January 1990. It seemed an obvious and natural progression of our relationship. She did not see it that way. She wished to remain as (dreaded) friends but I was too young (23) for her and not her concept of a financially stable person. By some miracle I managed to hide my disappointment and accept the “friend” status. We continued to hang out as I was determined to not fade away. She, unbeknownst to me, polled friends and even a shared professor about me and got the overwhelming advice that she should not look down upon my youth.

On her birthday some six weeks later she let me take her out to a restaurant to celebrate. It so happens to have been a rather nice one. Can’t remember why I chose that one but I’m sure I was still trying to impress. During dinner she handed me a small wrapped box–the size a ring might come in. Beneath a bit of soft stuffing lay a piece of paper that said, “I would like to change my answer to yes.”

I knew right then we would marry. Six months later, we did.

Being young and naive, I didn’t know how much of a good woman I married. Here’s a bit of what I got:

1. A woman with a short memory for wrongs and quick to forgive

2. A woman willing to go on adventures with me

3. A woman who loves to learn and loves to talk about ideas, whether politics, theology, or baseball

In short, I got a great friend AND a wife all in one! I definitely got the better of this deal!

Happy anniversary Hon.


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12 responses to “Twenty Years!

  1. Brooke

    You are blessed….never take it for granted.

    Congratulations to you both…!

  2. Amy

    Awwww…that’s so sweet! Happy anniversary! 🙂

  3. Nice to hear of your marriage success!

  4. What a beautiful tribute to your lovely wife! May God continue to bless you both and all that you hold dear…

  5. Congratulations! Sounds like you have had a very blessed 20 years of marriage. This is an incredibly beautiful post, very heartfelt and touching. I love that you and your wife are best friends. That is how marriages stay strong. God bless you and your beautiful wife, Kim. What a good-looking couple you are!

  6. Dad & Mom

    You not only got a beautiful wife, but we also got a wonderful “daughter.” That’s a very nice picture of the two of you. We love you both and pray that you will have many more years together.
    Dad & Mom

  7. Penny

    That was a great read. I always wondered how you wound up with Kim. Happy Anniversary to you both…

  8. Bet

    Happy Annniversary, ya’ll! Caleb and I remember those events. We were so happy for you, but sad that you’d be moving out of our house. We got over it. 😉

    • Hey Bet, Kim told me last night that the recommendation for the restaurant was from you, that you and Caleb had been there. It was totally redone inside an a very upscale menu. Empty too. But we enjoyed ourselves.

      Say hey to Caleb for me.

  9. Happy anniversary! We’re eating waffles around the breakfast table on a lazy Saturday and reading your wonderful tribute to your wife! Praise God and thanks Phil for helping us start our marriage (we’re on month 3!).

    Jen & James

  10. rob

    congratulations! rob

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