Rwanda meetings

This coming week I have the pleasure of meeting up with several folks interested in the next step in our Rwanda efforts. We will be meeting with Rwandan church and gov’t officials to discuss possible training efforts before next Memorial period. Along with meetings in the DC area, we will tour, together, the Holocaust museum. I understand this will include a behind the scenes interaction with curators, holocaust survivors and others. Cool!

Hopefully, we will come out of these meetings with a clear plan for our next, yet-to-be scheduled trip. I don’t know if I’m alone in this experience, but meetings seems to drag on when I would rather start doing something. I know, at one level, how important listening is. But brainstorming and planning are way more fun! I hope we’ll get to that!

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  1. Scott Alexander

    Prof. Monroe,

    I am currently in the MABC program at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (friends with Dr. Erik Johnson) and work with a Rwandan woman who has a ministry (with her sister) to women in Rwanda and the Congo. They are wanting to start training Rwandan church leaders in Biblical Counseling and may be leading a trip this coming summer (2010) to start the process. After reading your post I think she may be interested in speaking with you. If so, what is the best way to go about getting her in contact with you?

    Thank you!

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