Great talk title!

I love great talk titles, ones that grab your attention and make you want to either listen in or burst out in laughter. While I’m not particularly good at coming up with unique titles, others are. This one arrived in my mailbox last week. It was on a flyer announcing a Continuing Ed program about attachment issues. The title,

What if you pooped in the potty…but no one cheered?

I burst right out laughing for some reason. This is one I wish I would have thought of and used! My 9 year old loved the humor as well. Then, he asked if we cheered his pooping. Of course we did and so I asked him if he would like us to continue doing so. For some reason he declined the offer.

Seriously, cheering developmental stages is a good thing, whether pooping in the potty or taking the wheel of the car for the first time. Seems we tend to fail to cheer when we should or we cheer everything and make cheering meaningless.

But what a great title!


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3 responses to “Great talk title!

  1. Guess who?

    We laugh at the title, too, and I’m sure we cheered when once upon a time you were at that stage.

  2. penny

    perhaps the beginning of the “me” generation. Is there a way to celebrate growth without making it be about “me”?

  3. Scot

    Apparently, I’m more self-less than I’d thought………I never cheer for myself upon success in the restroom. :))

    Great blog-page Phil. And I’d have said that even if this “potty” post had not been my first experience here! Though, you do realize, you may have a hard time putting a stop to this subject at some point!

    All humor aside, it does raise a lot of interesting considerations when observed from various perspectives and environments. It’s amazing at times, how “loose” light heartedness can so effortlessly reveal more “focused” truths.

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