Marriage is like…?

a box of chocolates? a roller coaster?

What analogies might you use to help illustrate the beauty and difficulty found in the marriage relationship? Yes, the Bible gives us several good ones but here I’m interested in ones that come from personal experience. I’m being asked to speak on the topic of “marriage as roller coaster”. I guess this depends on how much you like coasters…and whether the one you are riding is more like a kiddie ride or more like one designed to break your neck.


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5 responses to “Marriage is like…?

  1. Ryan

    A long slow road trip.

    In the duration of a long road trip you will experience lush expansive vistas, and periods of flat, uneventful terrain. There will be times that the road ahead is clear for miles, and other times that fog will make visibility seem like a luxury.

    …and so on

    Marriage is far more drawn out than a rollercoaster.

  2. Ron

    This might not be the best metaphor, and certainly not for *our* marriage, of course, but…

  3. Lou Buses

    Marriage is like a diamond. It is hard to see the total value when you start with it (it looks like an ordinary rock). If not cut properly, it looses its value and can become worthless. It can be cut into many shapes. It has a great number of facets. When finished its purpose is to reflect the light.

    Ep. 5:31 For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and will be joined to his wife, and the two will become one flesh. This mystery is great – but I am actually speaking with reference to Christ and the church.

  4. G.S.

    I would use the word “tenuous” and “fragile” at the beginning. Kind of like a perennial plant shoot that has all this potential if it’s rooted in good soil.

  5. I would say marriage, and love, is like a fireplace on a cold winter’s day. You have to put in a little work to keep the fire going, but, when you do, it keeps you warm and cozy, always calling you back.

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