AACC World Conference

the 2009 AACC World Conference begins tomorrow at the Opryland Hotel, Nashville, TN. On Wednesday, I’ll be presenting a 3 hour pre-conference workshop with Dr. Diane Langberg where we explore the counselor’s role in addressing pastoral sexual abuse. The conference proper begins Wednesday night and runs to Saturday evening. During that time I’ll be attending various presentations, meeting with colleagues, attending a meeting about next steps in Rwanda and presenting my own hour long training (Friday afternoon) entitled, “Engaging Biblical Texts in Trauma Therapy”. Check out my articles, slides, etc. page for PPT slides.

If possible, I’ll blog a few extra entries to give you a flavor of what the conference is like. I’m hoping to be able to link you all to the special video to be shown regarding Rwanda and our “ask” card where we will be asking attendees to consider donating to the Rwanda project. I hear they are selling coffee there to benefit our work as well. Can’t wait to buy some more Rwandan coffee.

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