Laughing at stupidity?

Here’s one more line from David Goneau’s sermon (not quoted):

Why do we laugh at Elaine’s dancing on Seinfeld or any one of the idiotic characters on The Office? Isn’t because these characters are so obviously out of step with social acceptability?

What we laugh at reveals what we value most: acceptability.

Hmm. I think he may be right. We want to make sure we do not fall out of step with what is considered acceptable. I sometimes have to turn off The Office because it is so outrageous and I can’t stand the embarrassment–even though I know it is just a show. Not sure what that says about me…


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2 responses to “Laughing at stupidity?

  1. The Office (as well as American Idol) seems to be a celebration of mean-spiritedness. It makes me sad.

  2. I hear you about the embarrassment. I don’t like a lot of “comedy” because all it is, is a situation where someone is doing something incredibly embarrassing – completely oblivious to that fact (think: Borat).

    I had never thought of it before, but maybe I do value “acceptability” more than I would have thought…

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