Yesterday’s quote on freedom

Here’s the info on yesterday’s quote about the enslaving possibilities when fighting for freedom: T.E. Lawrence.

Found on p. 29 of Seven Pillars of Wisdom: A triumph, by TE Lawrence. 1935 NY: DoubleDay.


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3 responses to “Yesterday’s quote on freedom

  1. presbyteraanonyma

    er….did you mean to cite as author Col. T.E. Lawrence, rather than the actor who played him in the film Lawrence of Arabia, Sir Laurence Olivier?

    • Oops. My bad. I was thinking TE Lawrence and wrote Lawrence Olivier. Olivier is one of my favorite actors, but I’m not sure he has the firepower to write like TE Lawrence.

  2. D Stevenson

    Ha-ha! I would not be a good editor. (already knew that) My mind automatically flipped it to T.E. Lawrence, missing your error.

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