Why texting is hazardous to your life

We already know that texting while driving endangers lives. No surprise there. But have you considered the danger of texting while angry? Texting while avoiding?

Consider the following situation. You have a set-to with a loved one while each are at work. Finding yourself hurt and angry, the thought crosses your mind to text that person to say something mature like,

“fine. u go rite ahed and do it. c if i care.”

Of course, you don’t really mean “fine.” Nor do you  want them to “go ahead”. You do care, otherwise you wouldn’t be texting while angry.

Notice the dangers here:

1. Texting give us the illusion of connection. We can send a message to communicate with another but don’t really call it a connection.
2. Texting provides an opportunity to jab each other when angry but avoid (for a few moments anyway) seeing the impact of that jab. Sure, we could say these silly and immature things to the other’s face, but with the advent of texting we don’t have to admit to ourselves that our words have impact.
3. Texting allows another to keep a record of our wrongs; to read it again and again and maintain the hurts. Yes, we can remember words spoken in anger, but keeping a copy would be tempting and very dangerous.

For those of you who text, maybe a few rules should apply.

  • If you are tempted to text someone so you can avoid them, don’t.
  • Don’t text or email when angry.
  • Ask yourself about impact: Does it truly meet the constructive requirement of Ephesians? And if it does, why not say it face to face?


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4 responses to “Why texting is hazardous to your life

  1. william

    Good advice – same should apply to email.

    I’m guessing that 20+ years ago you could have written this post about letter writing, though, of course, we all would have read it in a magazine.

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  3. Amy

    Texting is a great way to send your friends an encouraging message though, like ‘praying for you’ or ‘you make me smile.’ Now that is something I’d like to be remembered for. 🙂

  4. sonny dube

    ay, yes you can send an encouraging text but wouldnt it be more encouraging for the perosn if you just shove the cell down the toilet and go see them in person to envourage them? 3/4 of my generation and yours are fat because of this.

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