What does it take to be a blessing?

On Sunday, Dr. Frans Leonard Schalkwijk gave a brief but gripping sermonette on the topic of being a blessing. Dr. Schalkwijk has served the church in Brazil as a missionary for nearly 60 years. For those of you in the Philadelphia area, he happens to be “Timmy D’s” (of WZZD DJ fame) father-in-law.

Using one of this grandsons as a visual prop he told the congregation of 4 things they needed to do to “be a blessing.” He based this on a portion of Leviticus 8 and the ordination of Aaron as priest.

1. Purification. To be a blessing we must be purified from our uncleanness. Moses signifies this by putting blood on Aaron’s right ear, right thumb, right big toe. Dr. Schalkwijk suggests this meant to purify what we take in (hear/see), what we do, and where we go.

2. Dedication. Into Aaron’s raised, empty hands, Moses places several items to be dedicated to the Lord. We dedicate our lives by recognizing that God places a gift into our hands to be used for his glory. We ought not, he said, be focused on who gets what gift but that all gifts are for the Lord.

3. Perfumation. Moses sprinkles Aaron with a mixture of blood/oil. While not our concept of a pretty scent, it would allow others to see and smell the difference. Even though we get used to certain things that are different about us, others will still notice the differences. 

4. Meditation. The first three acts cleanses and prepares one to be a blessing to others. And yet, without meditating on God’s word, how can one have something to say to others? In order to have something to say, one has to meditate on the Word.

Dr. Schalkwijk concluded this very short study by saying something like this (my memory): “We are called to be a blessing. We won’t necessarily “see” a blessing. That is what we often want–to see a blessing. But we weren’t promised that we would see it but have the gift of being one nonetheless.

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